Behind the scenes

The blog will continue to be reserved for high(er) quality photos but every once in a while there will be some behind the scenes images (crappy phone pics and the lot) posted on… Continue reading


I gotta tell ya, business trips aren’t nearly as fun as vacations, but getting payed to travel is definitely something I will not complain about. On another note, even (or maybe I should… Continue reading


Another weekend, another chance to get away at least for a couple of hours. This time we went to see a renaissance fair that took place in a 12th century castle called Veliki… Continue reading


Even though I decided I was going to take it easy this weekend, I couldn’t resist going away for at least a few hours to visit a lovely street fair in the old… Continue reading


Another collection of shots from the last weekend. I had to recycle because this Saturday I had a slightly different plan: being in bed before 10. :)


Just a few shots taken over the weekend in Istria. I’ve noticed that for somebody working in the tech industry I forget where my phone is a lot. This weekend I managed to… Continue reading


Did you really think I would write just one post about our trip to the Alps? Well, if you did, you were wrong. There were so many magnificent things to photograph, I couldn’t… Continue reading


Little Blue has been to a lot of places. Probably traveled more than most much older guys. But this weekend he broke the height record. We spent the weekend in the Julian Alps:… Continue reading


Everybody knows I get easily bored. I realized the best way to keep me on my toes is to change my surroundings. This is (partly) why I travel. But sometimes exactly what you… Continue reading


There is no cooler thing than a cat wearing a clock as a hat. Especially if the clock is Blue.   Disclaimer: no cats were harmed during the making of this photograph. In… Continue reading


First proper shots with my new old lens. Woohoo! :) After about a month at my new job, I am expecting my first paycheck. And I gotta say, getting used to not having… Continue reading