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(…continued from #21) Not only did I lose my meal voucher, I also lost my hotel voucher. Some nice mister offered to buy me my sandwich but where would I sleep? Thankfully, I… Continue reading


(…continued from #20) So what happened next is I almost started crying there and then. I’ve had enough of it and just wanted to curl up in some corner and sleep. Maybe try… Continue reading


I had this idea about posting a couple of photos of my last day in Montreal. However, my last day turned out to be the day before last since I got denied boarding… Continue reading


7 hours later I am still at the Montreal airport, tired as hell, eating my Subway sandwich (courtesy of Air Canada), getting ready to sleep for a few hours at the Sheraton airport… Continue reading


Leaving Montreal today. About to board the plane to San Francisco. Last Canadian impressions coming from the other side. Tick tock! :)


Now isn’t this some blow up doll? :) All kidding aside, the dancers were great!


Juste pour rire / Just for laughs festival. I didn’t understand a word but I’m sure they’re hilarious.


Artsy side of Montreal. Giant graffiti everywhere. I love it!


Rainstorm again. As it wouldn’t be a good idea to get the borrowed camera equipment wet (especially considering my recent track record), I’m stuck inside. Might upload some random fun facts about MTL… Continue reading


A walk in the park. A must after eating poutine. Well, it’s either this or napping. :)

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