A walk in the park. A must after eating poutine. Well, it’s either this or napping. :) Advertisements


Yesterday was Create Your Own Poutine Day. What is poutine you’re asking? Well, just a plateful of meat, cheese, potatoes and vegetables topped of generously with gravy. Greasy goodness to die for! And… Continue reading


Really, this was worth getting soaked to the bones, wasn’t it?


Crazy rain in Montreal. So majestic and beautiful. Most of the people don’t carry umbrellas. Those who do, don’t really know why. It’s not like they could help in this storm.




Today is a sad day for Blue: my camera lens broke. I was afraid something like this might happen soon because I’ve had it for a very long time and used it often.… Continue reading


After getting familiar with my home for the next few days in Montreal, it’s time to venture out into the world.


The first proper night of sleep in a long time. Dreaming of big things, ignoring the rest of the world. Maybe I’ll take another nap… Life is good. :-)


Blue is now officially in Canada. Updates coming soon! Tick tock!  :-)