Throwback Thursday: sitting at the office, wishing I could go back… Advertisements


On our way to Greifenberg (2618m). This was the highest mountain peak in my hiking history (not counting that one time we started by driving to 2300m). Even though even now, 4 days later,… Continue reading


I know, I know…no more cheesy sunrise photos, please! Well this is all the good stuff I got anyway :)


So, I have to admit that it’s been a while since I saw the sun rise completely sober and not on my way to the airport. Even though getting up at 5 am… Continue reading


Ever since I learned how to read, I was fascinated by great writing. I would re-read my favorite books, write down interesting quotes and find solace in my favorite lyrics. There is nothing better than stumbling… Continue reading


And so, after many days of crazy heat, it finally rained.


When we were in Grand Canyon, just sitting around with our feet dangling over the edge, we had this interesting discussion about what was the most impressive thing we had ever seen. It… Continue reading


I had been wanting to go camping in Big Sur since the last time I visited it 2 years ago. So my last weekend in California, my brother and I decided to just… Continue reading


Well, as, promised, here are some pics of a Grand Canyon sunset. Now that I am back home and sifting through my photos, I really really want to go back. Especially because, being… Continue reading


Finally managed to go through some of my photos from Grand Canyon. Well, at least some of them. There are so many! It’s a shame that the air was a bit hazy those… Continue reading