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It was my birthday yesterday so I decided to make chocolate ganache cupcakes (for the first time ever). Turned out pretty good!  :) There are also other things I’ve been working on for… Continue reading


Working as a project manager is a fun and dynamic job, but one thing I would never say is that it’s rewarding. Over the past year I’ve come to a conclusion that I feel… Continue reading


Happy Easter folks! Okay, I know I’m late so I guess happy Monday then! And I’m sure it is, at least to those of you who, like me, don’t have to go into… Continue reading


Normally I really enjoy cooking, but during the hot summer months standing at the stove for hours just doesn’t sound the least bit appealing. On those days I usually resort to my favorite… Continue reading


One of the best things of this part of the year, except the obvious (yay, sunshine!),  is homemade elderflower cordial. That is hands down THE BEST soft drink ever invented. Luckily the woods and… Continue reading


We spent the last few days out in the Austrian country very close to the Hungarian border. So much so that we biked to Hungary for lunch (and for half the price you… Continue reading


After having a dream about baked potatoes with cumin last night, someone called me “a foodie” today. So to honor my name, I decided to make myself a sandwich! :)


This one goes out to the most important person in my life. The one without whom all of this just wouldn’t be the same – my owner. May you be happy, healthy and… Continue reading


Yesterday was market day. That means shopping for hummus (finally!), lots of Frischkäse dips and a chicken called Frank.  


Today was a long and tiring day but spent in good company it went by quickly. A few hours of surfing, a walk around Monterey and dinner in Carmel and I’m ready for… Continue reading

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