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When we were in Grand Canyon, just sitting around with our feet dangling over the edge, we had this interesting discussion about what was the most impressive thing we had ever seen. It… Continue reading


I had been wanting to go camping in Big Sur since the last time I visited it 2 years ago. So my last weekend in California, my brother and I decided to just… Continue reading


Somewhere along the way I lost track of the story. But it doesn’t really matter, does it? Because this one is about memories. The smell of salty ocean air and a beautiful sunset… Continue reading


Last one of the first part of highway 1. Carmel, Los Angeles and San Diego next up! :)


Stop and stare I think I’m moving but I go nowhere  


Big Sur insanity. There’s not much more you can do but stop and stare. Feel weak and insignificant compared to the life of the Universe.


Remember when I told you I really really wanted to go on a road trip? Well, I’ve been driving up and down the coast for days now (down to San Diego via LA… Continue reading