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Round 2 (and final, because there are a lot of other photos that need sharing) from Aix-en-Provence. I can totally see why so many artists were drawn to this area. Unfortunately we didn’t… Continue reading


So while I’m working through my road trip photos (over 2500 – I don’t know what I was thinking!) I decided to break it up a bit by showing you a great idea for… Continue reading


As promised, round one of shots from Aix-en-Provence, the first stop on our road trip towards Spain. I would have totally loved this picturesque little town had it not been for the (too) expensive… Continue reading


Budapest blues.


One thing Italians definitely don’t have is the size complex. In Italy bigger is not always better, at least when it comes to their cars and coffee. And probably women. The thing about being… Continue reading


I gotta tell ya, business trips aren’t nearly as fun as vacations, but getting payed to travel is definitely something I will not complain about. On another note, even (or maybe I should… Continue reading


Even though I decided I was going to take it easy this weekend, I couldn’t resist going away for at least a few hours to visit a lovely street fair in the old… Continue reading


Everybody knows I get easily bored. I realized the best way to keep me on my toes is to change my surroundings. This is (partly) why I travel. But sometimes exactly what you… Continue reading


Alright, time for a proper post. The trouble is I don’t know where to start… A question for you creative people out there: do you find it hard to go back to your… Continue reading


Hello! Here is a couple of random shots from the last couple of days. The mood is a bit somber because that is generally what our news these days are. A few weeks… Continue reading

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