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It’s funny how we almost instantly think of the color green when we think of the Earth, even though our planet is actually mostly blue. Inspired by this week’s photo challenge theme: Earth.… Continue reading


So, something that I learned about myself recently is that my first talent according to Gallup is adaptability. This pretty much means that I’m incapable of thinking about the future, at least in terms of… Continue reading


So apparently spring is almost here… Judging by the amount of rain and clouds we’ve been having these days, it feels almost like we skipped the warm seasons entirely and jumped right back into… Continue reading


If there were such a thing as this winter’s leitmotif, it would definitely be rose hip bushes, at least when it comes to photography. I’m trying not to post too many similar photos,… Continue reading


Everybody knows I get easily bored. I realized the best way to keep me on my toes is to change my surroundings. This is (partly) why I travel. But sometimes exactly what you… Continue reading


First proper shots with my new old lens. Woohoo! :) After about a month at my new job, I am expecting my first paycheck. And I gotta say, getting used to not having… Continue reading


I have now officially been a whole week on the new job. Here is what I’ve learned so far: I am most definitely not a morning person and waking up early makes me… Continue reading


Here where I live photographic exhibitions are rare, and the ones I think I would enjoy are practically nonexistent.  I feel like photographs that are simple, sleek and powerful in their color palette and… Continue reading


Alright, time for a proper post. The trouble is I don’t know where to start… A question for you creative people out there: do you find it hard to go back to your… Continue reading


Hello! Here is a couple of random shots from the last couple of days. The mood is a bit somber because that is generally what our news these days are. A few weeks… Continue reading