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Early mornings, long drives, warm days followed by cold nights, gorgeous lakeside views and intimidating mountains are the impressions that stay with me after our last adventure to Maglić, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s highest peak (2,386m)… Continue reading


It’s funny how we almost instantly think of the color green when we think of the Earth, even though our planet is actually mostly blue. Inspired by this week’s photo challenge theme: Earth.


Oh, the glorious day when the only thing I had to do was to do nothing at all.


A couple shots from our latest hiking adventure. We conquered Croatia’s tallest mountain: Dinara (1831 m)! As much as I love mountains of all kinds, this is really the kind of place you… Continue reading


So apparently spring is almost here… Judging by the amount of rain and clouds we’ve been having these days, it feels almost like we skipped the warm seasons entirely and jumped right back into… Continue reading


No good hike without a map to help you get lost better.


Finally I started traveling a bit more again. This home-office-home routine started killing me. But as much as these two days on the road drained me physically, they also recharged my mental batteries like… Continue reading


Spring is here! And with it some of my inspiration has returned. Let’s see if it sticks around this time.


Happy Easter folks! Okay, I know I’m late so I guess happy Monday then! And I’m sure it is, at least to those of you who, like me, don’t have to go into… Continue reading


One of the best things of this part of the year, except the obvious (yay, sunshine!),  is homemade elderflower cordial. That is hands down THE BEST soft drink ever invented. Luckily the woods and… Continue reading