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So apparently spring is almost here… Judging by the amount of rain and clouds we’ve been having these days, it feels almost like we skipped the warm seasons entirely and jumped right back into… Continue reading


And so, after many days of crazy heat, it finally rained.


Everybody knows I get easily bored. I realized the best way to keep me on my toes is to change my surroundings. This is (partly) why I travel. But sometimes exactly what you… Continue reading


The dark side of the Zoo.


Remember this? This time around Vienna wasn’t so welcoming. She pretended to be nice but greeted me with a hail storm and clouds. No wonder I need a whole separate tag just for… Continue reading


Hello! Here is a couple of random shots from the last couple of days. The mood is a bit somber because that is generally what our news these days are. A few weeks… Continue reading


So, plain and simple, the weather here sucks. Not just because the perpetual rain keeps my shoes wet (and everyone knows I own exactly 0 pairs of waterproof shoes), but also because it… Continue reading


BREAKING NEWS!!!    It’s raining again. :( Blue is safe and sound under the roof with sunburns to remind him of the sunnier days…


Trains are really magical things, don’t you agree? I don’t now what it is, but I can’t help but smile whenever I get on one.


Summer found me completely unprepared. It swallowed me whole, chewed me up and dumped me at the autumn’s doorstep. Different timezone, different weather, different people, different life but the same old me. So… Continue reading