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Fall is here! And not only here, but also in Czech Republic. :)


Another collection of shots from the last weekend. I had to recycle because this Saturday I had a slightly different plan: being in bed before 10. :)


Alright, time for a proper post. The trouble is I don’t know where to start… A question for you creative people out there: do you find it hard to go back to your… Continue reading


Dürnstein, take two.


Dürnstein ruin: a 12th century castle overlooking the Danube where King Richard I Lionheart was held captive by an Austrian duke and one of the most impressive views I’ve seen in a long… Continue reading


This page is full of pictures of faraway places but I think it might be time to show you some of this place I have been calling home for the past 25 years.


Coronado at night.


San Diego skyline as seen from Coronado.


(…continued from #20) So what happened next is I almost started crying there and then. I’ve had enough of it and just wanted to curl up in some corner and sleep. Maybe try… Continue reading

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