Spring is here! And with it some of my inspiration has returned. Let’s see if it sticks around this time. Advertisements


Happy Easter folks! Okay, I know I’m late so I guess happy Monday then! And I’m sure it is, at least to those of you who, like me, don’t have to go into… Continue reading


Moving is hard and messy, but whatever you do, just don’t panic.


Turns out, if you go high enough, there is snow on Christmas.


One thing Italians definitely don’t have is the size complex. In Italy bigger is not always better, at least when it comes to their cars and coffee. And probably women. The thing about¬†being… Continue reading


Rimini by night: bright lights and endless miles of sand beaches.


Blue on tour, part deux. I forgot how much fun it is to see bands play live. And The Menzingers are totally worth driving 2 hours to Graz!


So it’s been a while since my last post. I kind of got stuck trying to write about something I had on my mind all the time but it just wouldn’t come out… Continue reading


I gotta tell ya, business trips aren’t nearly as fun as vacations, but getting payed to travel is definitely something I will not complain about. On another note, even (or maybe I should… Continue reading


Another weekend, another chance to get away at least for a couple of hours. This time we went to see a renaissance fair that took place in a 12th century castle called Veliki… Continue reading