About Blue

Blue came my way as a parting gift at the end of one of those brief but explosive relationships that might stand a chance if they happened some other time in another universe. Coming out of a very tight student budget it was definitely more of a keepsake than a timekeeper (which is why you might see it showing mostly the same time).

 At first the blog was an attempt to stay in touch with him as I explored the world (which, of course, did not happen – I never saw him again). Then it became a way to share moments with my closest friends who were so far away. I expected it to end up like all of my other blogging attempts: abandoned and forgotten in a matter of weeks. But for some reason I kept coming back to it again and again. Finally the time came to share the story with the world.

Since the beginning of this adventure Blue has been dropped, rained on, soaked in a puddle of mud, blown away by strong winds and even almost stolen by an old Viennese lady. The future has never been less certain than at this moment but it undoubtedly holds something exciting.

Home, Away and Other

The original blog was a very simple facebook page because it was the least hassle at the time. Now the posts are divided into three categories: Home, Away and Other. Home is for all those simple day-to-day details while Away holds mostly travel stories. Other is obviously for things neither here nor there:  news, messages and random thoughts and musings.