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Alright, time for a proper post. The trouble is I don’t know where to start… A question for you creative people out there: do you find it hard to go back to your… Continue reading


Honey, I’m hooomee! Finally! It’s been weeks since I slept in my own bed for more than a night in a row. And tonight is going to be the second (if you count… Continue reading


Hello hello! My apologies again for¬†holding out on you but, you know, the life of a globetrotter with a packed social calendar and a computer that keeps crashing and/or acting funny because of… Continue reading


Lovely Saturday greens. Really, there aren’t enough days in the weekend.


Hello spring! :)


This free amazon prime thing is sooo gonna spoil me… :D


Sunday afternoon ride.


Locked in. That is exactly how I have been feeling these past few days. Under the weather and with my thesis to write, life is most definitely not a big party. I think… Continue reading


This one goes out to the most important person in my life. The one without whom all of this just wouldn’t be the same – my owner. May you be happy, healthy and… Continue reading


Today is a sad day for Blue: the Christmas tree is gone. The place always seems somehow emptier without the smell of the tree and cheerful twinkle of the Christmas lights, doesn’t it?… Continue reading

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