Grand Canyon. There are no words able to describe it. Not even photos do it justice, but I’ll try. Advertisements


And so my life makes a full circle: Blue and I are sitting right back where this whole thing started – at the Frankfurt airport waiting to board a plane to the US.


A vacation wouldn’t be complete without some time spent in the nature. This time we didn’t get to do any of the hikes we wanted because of unexpected thunderstorms, but we did get… Continue reading


Ah, the golden days of summer… I spent these few hard-earned days of vacation exploring some parts of Croatia I have never been to but somehow everybody else has. Even the Game of… Continue reading


So here is something different on Adventures of Blue: Blue in black and white!


No good hike without a map to help you get lost better.


Working as a project manager is a fun and dynamic job, but one thing I would never say is that it’s rewarding. Over the past year I’ve come to a conclusion that I feel… Continue reading


Budapest blues.


Finally I started traveling a bit more again. This home-office-home routine started killing me. But as much as these two days on the road drained me physically, they also recharged my mental batteries like… Continue reading


It’s the weekend, and you know what that means: time for another episode of the Kitchn Wisdoms! :)